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What you wear shows the taste of your choices and smartness. To have the luxury appearance, you just not only need polished shoes with elegant dresses, but you also need something on your wrist that will make your appearance more luxurious. So today we are presenting some of the world’s best mens luxury watches which are famous throughout the world and have elegant of its own design and quality.

But it is true that not all watches are made equals. You do not have everything best in a single product. Companies have put their lots of effort to make mens watches more luxurious and meet all the requirements. But you need to choose by your preference to find out the best-suited watch for you. And today for that we are reviewing and describing every single thing about these best mens luxury watches to make your selection easy.

Hold on! Before going to buy from the best luxury watches below, you need to know some things regarding these luxury watches.

What Makes a Watch Luxury?

Luxury is a confusing but a very subjective word. Things make you luxurious is your attitude. And sometimes your attitude boost up by your wearing and appearance. Whether your opinion toward luxury is, luxury is what which is superior in comfort and taste.

So, what makes a watch luxury? Do not you even think why people spend thousands of money on a small machine? People spend this amount as it is worth.

The first main thing that makes a watch luxury are the luxurious elements. Most of the luxury watches contain diamond in its body and gold in its belt. The machine quality is also topnotch and has made with world’s highly qualified watchmakers. These best men luxurious watches are not only looking good, but it also shines with its quality. There will be no compromise in quality, design, and performance and the combination of these three terms makes a watch luxury and can provide you service for the lifetime.

Our Recommended Best Mens Luxury Watches


Luxury Watch Brand List

Here in below, you will see some of the world’s best Luxury watch brand list. They are the giants in this area and quality & reliability is their top priority.

  • Audemars Piguet
  • Patek Philippe
  • Rolex
  • Lange & Sohne
  • Cartier
  • Piaget
  • TAG Heuer
  • Breitling
  • Louis Moinet
  • Hublot
  • Omega
  • Breitling

The above best Luxury watch brand list will help you to know the about the watch brands who place top currently in the market. We will now cover some best luxury watches from these brands.

5 Best Mens Luxury Watches – The Review

First, choose your preferred luxury watch brand. Every brand we have shown you above, are the famous and reliable brands. Every brand has its own uniqueness. You have to choose what things you need most. We will help you with that below. Let’s begin to read.

  1. A. Lange & Sohne Mechanical-Hand-Wind Men Luxury Watch

Gorgeous and elegant. A. Lange & Shone Mechanical-Hand-Wind Men Luxury Watch has made these two words true and acceptable this time. You will get a very premium and luxurious feeling with this watch on your wrist. This luxury watch uses both traditional and mechanical hand wind movement and the bezel is made with 18kt rose gold with platinum case.

It gives you a very classic look. The black dial and “pulsometer” scale looks awesome and elegant. If you are a chronographic fan, you might want this one of the best luxury watches on your hand.


Pros Cons
  • The design is beautiful and classic
  • It has skeleton back
  • Awesome leather strap
  • The case diameter seems small to us.


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  1. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph

This one is one of the most popular and perhaps the best mens luxury watches. Audemars Piguet Royal oak offers you a variety of colors. But the things we like it its’s stainless steel case and bezel which really gives you premium look. The black dial with a Grande Tapisserie pattern and luminous white gold hand really feel elegant on your hand.

This mens luxurious watch has 3 display. One display is 60 seconds, another is 30 minutes and the other one is 12 hours display.

You will get pleasure just looking at Royal Oak’s beautiful finishing.


Pros Cons
  • Modern classic look
  • Grande Tapisserie pattern dial
  • Finishing is beautiful
  • It just does not use in-house movement.


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  1. Rolex Submariner

Rolex is always the top choice if people search for the best mens luxury watches to buy. This Rolex Luxury watch first released in 1954 but you will not find it same as it was before. Now the Rolex Submariner has completely changed with its design and quality. The materials used in Rolex Luxury watch is very rich and popular. After the releasing of this watch, it has since become the most iconic luxury mens watch.

You will definitely love its durability and the premium look. This Rolex Submariner features certified Swiss chronometer. And the rotatable bezel is fun to use. The case of this luxurious watch is made with stainless steel and it is totally scratch-proof.


Pros Cons
  • Match with every style and each of your outfits
  • Very good durability
  • Certified Swiss chronometer
  • We have found no cons in it


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  1. Cartier Drive De Cartier

This slim and round mens luxury watch is built from 18k pink gold. The front crystal face is scratch resistance. The numerals are classic Roman style and it has moon phase sub-dialer. This watch is made with in-house movement 1904-LU which requires adjustment after every 125 years. So, it can be worn by your grandson’s son.

This is one of the best mens luxury watches. It is elegant and refined with its own design and popularity.


Pros Cons
  • We like its unique cushion shape
  • Simple and smart. But elegant
  • We feel the “Automatic” text as an unnecessary addition


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  1. Patek Philippe & Co. 5078R-001

Patek Philippe is a Swiss-based luxury watchmaker. This company is very old in this sector. They have been making the best luxury watches since 1852. Their watch has this level of quality that its watches are used by royal families, including Queen Victoria of England and Hussein Kamel, the former sultan of Egypt.

Patek Philippe Luxury watches also have the world record for the highest priced luxury watch ever sold (till now obviously!).

This watch has fully analog mechanical functionality in it. You will get secondary seconds counter and a beautiful enamel dial. The case is 38-millimeters in size which is very comfortable to wear. This watch has a self-winding system in it.

Patek Philippe is really one of the world’s best mens luxury watches. This is not just a wristwatch. This is something more like your royal identity and it is best with its own quality and looks.


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Why Luxury Watch? Is it really worth?

Have you ever felt sadness in your heart after watching tons of beautiful, attracted luxury watches in a display counter? Almost every gentleman can feel this pain and wishes to have one of them one day. But what makes it so generous and precious? What are the benefits of using a luxury watch? Let’s find out why a luxury watch is a topmost selection of a gentlemen’s guide.

Skill vs unskilled labor: While low priced watch companies are making numerous watches, luxury watchmaking companies make a few watches every year. They maintain their quality and use proper and high skilled labor. Famous watchmaking companies employ master horologists to make their signature watch pieces.

Time and Efforts: Most of the luxury watches need lots of efforts and time. Thus it needs more money for labor. You may amaze to hear that, most of the luxury watches require 10 months to 2 years to be manufactured.

Top-level of quality and Rich Materials: As we have told before, the luxury watchmaking companies do not compromise the quality at all. And the rich materials add extra elegance and beautification to the watches. So, wearing with a luxury watch you can go to attend your party or business meetings to add the value of your smartness and personality.

Longevity and Reliability: A comparatively cheap or mass-produces watches are made to survive nearly 4-5 years. But a luxury watch can survive for a lifetime and it can be used by your grandson. The features like water resistance, aeronautical gauges for aviation watches, sports watches make any luxury watch a true luxury product.

Subtle Display of Wealth: Let’s be honest this time. People buy luxury watches not only for its longevity and quality. Sometimes it needs a little show up to upgrade your class and prestige. Luxury watch pieces are the accessories by which you can be identified as a successful rich man.

While fantasy cars and pricey champagne might be the trend of recent payday, but luxury timepieces has added a new dimension of gentlemen’s appeal and prestige.

Final Verdict

Aesthetics is varied man to man. When you are about to buy a luxury watch, it’s really just not about price or the design. It also about how you feel wearing that best mens luxurious watch. So, choose by your preference.

This is not all. There are more mens luxury watches you can find. Wait till our review unit completed their review on some popular luxury watches.

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