A fitness plan for teenage girl: tips and tricks


Teenage girls should keep a firm routine of regular exercise up to 18 years of their age. At least 60 minutes of a fitness plan for teenage girl necessary on maximum days of the week. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists research confirmed and put emphases on teen girl’s regular exercise which was supported by The American Centres for Disease Control (CDC).

Why do teen girls need a fitness plan?

Teens are very busy with school/college, study, homework, Assignment, exam, etc. It is really hard to find out an hour dedicated time for fitness. But we have some tricks and tips for fitness to adjust conveniently with your regular busy life.

The right place for Fitness:

The gym is the perfect place for exercise though it is a little costly. There you will find all the required instruments for exercise to gain fitness. But do not practice for heavy exercise. You don’t need a muscular body. All you need is fitness and healthy life. So, stick with light exercise idea for a teen girl.


The Upper body Fitness plan for teenage girl:

Different exercises for shoulders, chest, arms, and back with dumbbell will help you to burn calories. It also gives a more toned look and strength. Choose a lightweight dumbbell that does not hart your muscles. You can also use a bench to lean over, sit or lay down. Always take advice from your instructor for better result.

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The Lower body fitness exercise:

Pedaling, Squats, and Lunges is the suitable lower body fitness workout. Using these light workout instruments your legs, Thighs, butt, and hips will burn lots of fat and give a perfect shape.

Arrange all the above workout in a couple or few sets. Start one set and make a 10 to 15 minutes session. Take 2 to 5 minutes rest before starting a new session.

yoga for teenage girl
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For the better result do some yoga at the last 10 minutes. It will improve your concentration and help relieve stress and tiredness. Try to follow and practice the above fitness plan for a teenage girl. It is not complex and hard to do. But will keep you healthy and attractive.


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