10 Best Long Lasting Perfume For Women


There are lots of brands you can find over the internet, branded as “long-lasting perfume for women”.  But how can you be so sure that really will last long or not. So, we have invested countless hours to experience women perfumes in real and have come up with a conclusion with some best brands. So, what are the long-lasting perfumes with a lovely fragrance you can buy 2019? Here a details list for you below.

Before that, we would like to tell you some information about women perfumes.

Women perfumes are gentle in their scent it attractive to men. Perfume companies put their lot of efforts into researching women perfumes. They research with the smells in real life and come up with a finished product that is liked and accepted most of the people. So, it is really hard to quote a single product “the best”.

After all, everybody has different choices. So we recommend you to try multiple perfumes to find out what perfume is best suited for you. You will also find some of the best long lasting perfume for wedding day in our list below.

How To Find The Right long lasting perfume for women?

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Depends on your personality you need to choose your perfume. Perfume companies make the perfumes depending on your preferences and personalities. So, how can you find the best long lasting perfume for women? Here are some ways:

Floral Cents: Floral scents are mainly made from flower extract scented fresh, sweet and soft. It gives you a good feminine appeal. We have found it romantic and feminine.

Woody Scents: This scent gives you a spicy and sexy flavor. This type of scent has a deep potency of seductive and rich personality.

Citrus Scents: These scents are clean and lighter than all other scents. Citrus gives you a gentle fragrance and a minimalist personality.

Oriental Scents: It has a musky and heavy vanilla flavor in it. This type of scent has a powerful fragrance which gives you fashion-forward and makes you stand out from the crowd.

Another thing,

How to find the right long lasting perfume for a wedding day?

For the wedding day, you need to choose a perfume that lasts long which make your groom comfortable and feel good by being with you.  So, on your special day to keep dry and smell good, there are few things to consider before buying long-lasting perfume for the wedding day.

Not everybody’s chemistry is the same. You have to pick your fragrance in accordance to your body chemistry and choice. But choose a sweet and soft smell for the wedding day.

Do not choose any new perfume for your wedding day which you had never used. Start experimenting a perfume at least before 1 month of the special day.

Do not choose any perfume which may occur allergies on your skin.

Do not overthrow yourself sampling too many perfumes. Try to our top pick list below and choose from that list. Our review team has been experimenting and find out the best long lasting perfume for wedding day for you.

Best Long Lasting Perfume For Women

1. Chanel Chance Eau Tendre Eau de Toilette


Why Do We Like It? long-lasting-perfume-for-women

  • It has unique fruity scents in it.
  • It gives you fresh, classy and clean feelings.
  • Your partner will really love this perfume on your body



Chance Eau Tendre Eau de toilette is from one of the best and iconic perfume brands “Chanel”. Chanel perfume is renowned for ‘modern women perfume’. It is also marked as one of the expensive long lasting perfume for women.

About the Scent: This perfume is for who like the fruity smell in their body. You will find the fruity flavor of grapefruit and soft and light floral white mask. The scent also includes the sweet and soft smell of Jasmine. So if you like to have a perfume with fruity and flower smell combined, this might be the option for you.

When should you use: This is perfect for all time use perfume and your partner will love it if you take it a little before going to bed at night. It is also perfect for daytime use and this scent really make you happy and give you a gentle mood. Also, you can use it on your date night or romantic dinner. This gentle smelling and mood changing perfume really make your partner romantic.

Pros Cons
  • Sweet in many ways
  • Smell fresh and gentle
  • Both men and women like it
  • Romantic smell
  • High price
  • Comes with just fruity smells



Why Do We Like It? long-lasting-perfume-for-women

  • This perfume has really sexy apparel
  • Gives you luxury and warm look
  • This perfume contains a very sweet smell which is loved by most of the women
  • Price is affordable



YVES SAINT LAURENT Black Opium perfume is renowned for super sexy and addictive scents. The ingredients in this perfumes are white floral, vanilla and some mixed base notes of coffee which spreads sweet, soft and sensual fragrances all over your body.

About the Scent: It is the fantastic long lasting perfume for women. Actually for all women. Almost every woman like this scent for its sweet aroma which is loved by every woman. Gentle scent with aroma flavor loving women definitely should use this perfume once in a life. And this perfume really lasts long.

When Should You Use: The perfect time to use this perfume is in winter. The versatile fragrance of black opium can keep your mood good on all day with the deep tone of coffee and vanilla mixture in it. It is also last from morning to night without changing its smell. This makes its one of the long lasting perfume for women in 2019.

Pros Cons
  • Loved by almost all women
  • Long lasting
  • Affordable and have a good sized bottle
  • Sweet aroma smell
  • We have found no cons for this perfume. It suits and loved by almost all women and also the price is very affordable.


3. Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Eau De Perfum


Why Do We Like It? long-lasting-perfume-for-women

  • Little spray you need
  • Attractive and sexy smell
  • One of the most selling perfumes and worldwide used
  • Fruity-floral combination of unique fragrance



Victoria’s secret is an American brand for women cosmetics and accessories. It has also earned its fame in the perfume world by its unique smells and flavor in it and become enlisted in our top 10 list of long lasting perfume for women. If you are finding some sexy perfume to use, you definitely can purchase the Bombshell Eau De Perfum from Victoria’s Secret, and you will love it definitely.

About The Scent: Victoria’s Secret is branded as a sexy brand all over the world. Sexy and feminine, these are the two words that bring fame for this brand. The fragrance in it gives you gorgeous and glamorous feelings. The scent spread sexy smell which will really addictive and appreciated by the people around you.

When Should Use: This best smelling perfume is best to use in a party or night hangout. The combination of fruity-floral fragrance will amaze everybody beside you and you can be a sexy and attractive person.

Pros Cons
  • Just need to spray a little
  • Sexy and gorgeous smell
  • Fruity-floral mixed fragrance
  • May have a headache for the strong smell.


4. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb


Why Do We Like It? long-lasting-perfume-for-women

  • Smell amazing and classy
  • You can be noticeable by taking
  • Best floral scented perfume
  • Affordable price




Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb perfume is all about floral fragrances. Main ingredients in it are freesia, orchid, jasmine and rose. The combinations of these ingredients give this perfume a real addictive fragrance and make this perfume one of the best long lasting perfume for women.

About The Scent: Flowerbomb is really full of flower fragrances. It will give you a warm and floral scent all over the body. The smell of this flower is not so gentle or rough. It maintains the balance the floral combination with which you will never be bored.

When Should You Use: We have to say that this long lasting perfume for women can be used all over the year and on all occasion. The fragrance of this perfume is accepted and loved by everybody. Whether you are going to a romantic dinner or a party, or a family gathering, this perfume is suited to every one of your occasions.

Pros Cons
  • Highly regarded perfume
  • Easily noticeable
  • Perfect for all season
  • Perfect for all floral lovers
  • This perfume is not for those who are not into floral actually.


5. Coco Chanel Eau de Perfum


Why Do We Like It? long-lasting-perfume-for-women

  • It gives you a classy look
  • It makes you bold, and elegant
  • The sweet smell of it really amazing




Coco Chanel Eau de Perfum is another product from the channel and it is must use perfume from our say. This long lasting perfume for women gives you elegant and classy-smelling all over your body. We also get a spicy-leathery scent from it which indicates freedom and sophisticated personality.

About The Scent: This perfume is layered with different fruity smells and spicy flavor. People who want to have a bold and spicy personality should use this once in a lifetime. This contains floral scent as well.

When Should Use: This perfume is best for the winter season and more formal occasions. You can take it before attending any formal meeting. You can take it also if you want to give yourself a spicy, warm and feminine personality.

Pros Cons
  • Classy and elegant fragrance
  • Little sweet with a bold, spicy scent
  • Perfect for formal meeting
  • Gives you an independent and sophisticated look
  • Very rich in smell
  • Should not use in summer time



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6. Britney Spears Women’s Fantasy Eau de Perfum


Why Do We Like It? long-lasting-perfume-for-women

  • A very light and sweet fragrance
  • Mixed with marshmallows
  • Affordable price
  • Full of fruit layers fragrances




Britney’s Speras is one of the world’s famous perfume brand. This perfume is layered with different types of fruit smell in it. If you are searching for long lasting perfume for women, this brand can end your searching. We strongly recommend using this perfume once in life at least.

About The Scent: The perfume is layered with many different fruit and flowers. The first layer contains lychee and kiwi. The middle layer contains cotton candy and marshmallows. The last layer contains a deep musky scent. Overall it provides a fruit scent all over your body.

When Should Use: This perfume should be used at evening hangout or in a romantic dinner. It will work get if you want to give yourself a flirty and frisky personality. People around you will surely love this scent on your body and will definitely praise your choice.

Pros Cons
  • Loved by most of the women
  • Fruit scented perfume
  • Best for romantic and flirty time
  • We have found no cons regarding this perfume.


7. Calvin Klein OBSESSION Eau de Parfum – 1 ounce


Why Do We Like It? long-lasting-perfume-for-women

  • Best long lasting perfume for women for sensual effect
  • You will get the spicy flavor in it
  • Classic and elegant fragrance




Introduction: Calvin Klein is an American fashion brand which created this perfume. The creator of this perfume is Jean Guichard. It is a perfume which is rich with seductively and elegance. It is the one you will want every now and then when you want some extra attention. It is a rich perfume and as per its name, you will have to be ready for its obsession.

About The Scent: It is a classic perfume which will give you the vibe of the ‘70s. it will give you a powdery finish. This is a very rich perfume with the correct blend of lemon, jasmine, and oakmoss. The main theme of this perfume is amber with woods and fruits. It has a powerful and sexy effect. The fragrance will make you feel confident and self-supporting.

When Should Use: Calvin Klein OBSESSION Eau de Parfum – 1 ounce is a great perfume for evening use. You and use it in any evening hangout or event. It is also good for winter time use. The timing will give you the perfect romantic environment you want, will make you feel like a dive of the room.

Pros Cons
  • The fragrance is sexy and refreshing.
  • The scent is very unique.
  • It makes you relax yet self-confident.
  • The fragrance is rich.
  • Not good for summer use.
  • Not good for morning use.


8. VERSACE Bright Crystal


Why Do We Like It? long-lasting-perfume-for-women

  • It is a very feminine scent.
  • Though it is good both on grownups and teenagers.
  • Sweet and light fragrance.
  • Refreshing ascent.



Introduction: This perfume was launched in 2006 by Alberto Morillas and long lasting perfume for women in 2019 from our review experts. Though it is a soft and light perfume it also represents the women who are strong and confident. The women who want to be a charm. It is a lovely fragrance which reveals the sweetness as well as the confidant in you.

About The Scent: The pink bottle of the perfume says a lot about the scent. It is a soft and light scent with the base note of flower and fruit.  The heart of it is Mongolia and peony. It will make you feel fresh and feminine. Though it has a sweet scent it is not overly sweet so women of all age can give it a try.

When Should Use: It is a summertime perfume. It is also good for spring. This one is best for daytime use. You can use it for any daytime event or meeting. Perfect for summer outings or picnics in the spring. It is also a very good perfume for everyday use. As this perfume provides you with freshness, you can use it on a day to day basis and it can be your next best long lasting perfume for women.

Pros Cons
  • The fragrance will make you fresh.
  • Lit is light and soft.
  • Suitable for all age.
  • It has a floral vibe.
  • It is not very long lasting.
  • You can find a dupe for it.
  • Kind of a grandma perfume.


9. Marc Jacobs Fragrances Daisy Eau So Fresh


What Do We like? long-lasting-perfume-for-women

  • Bubbly and fresh which is a reinterpretation of daisy.
  • Best long lasting perfume for women for natural and fruity scents.
  • Sophisticated, vibrant energy but do not provide too serious smell.

Daisy Eau So Fresh is a world-famous perfume from the Marc Jacobs Fragrances brand. This brand provides a very unique and natural fruity smell perfumes which are used and loved by the women around the world. We have enlisted this perfume in our top list only for its uniqueness. If you are bored using the same type of perfume every day, then this might be your next perfume to buy.

About The Scent: The scent of this perfume is sophisticated and cool. Its smells so good and unique but do not provide rough smell. Everybody around you will love this full natural and fruity smell that will not make them bored.

There are three fragrance notes in this perfume. Top, heart, and base. In top fragrance note, there are natural raspberry, pear, and grapefruit. In the heart fragrance note, there are apple blossom and wild rose. And the base fragrance note, you will find the smell of musks, plum, and cedarwood.

When Should Use: Women who do not like vibrant or hot smells perfume rather want to smell herself as a sophisticated person, this perfume is best for them. This is also best in the summertime and one of the best long lasting perfume for women. The Daisy Eau perfume can give you full freshness in the summertime. It also provides natural fruity smells which are liked by both men and women. This perfume is for casual use. This is not a heavy party perfume rather it can give you freshness and provides fresh, natural smells from your body. So, you can use it as your daily freshness perfume.


Pros Cons
  • All day and casual use
  • 100% natural and fresh fruity smell
  • Provides freshnessSweet and elegant smell
  • Not too smelly.
  • A little bit pricey.


10. Philosophy Amazing Grace Eau de Toilette


 What Do We like? long-lasting-perfume-for-women

  • The fragrance is soft and feminine.
  • It is light and never offend anyone.
  • Bestselling long lasting perfume for women
  • Enhance your beauty.



Intro: It is a bestselling perfume which is loved by women for a very long time. It is a perfume that will be appreciated by everyone everywhere. It will make you feel clean and fresh. So there is no doubt that it is a bestselling perfume for so long. It is a classic beauty contained in a bottle which will make you feel classy also. A perfect scent for using on a daily basis.

About The Scent: Philosophy Amazing Grace is a soft and light perfume. It has the top note contain the smell with mandarin orange, grapefruit and bergamot, and the base note is with a musk. It is a feminine fragrance which will make you feel clean and refreshed. It is a classic beauty you can spray on your body.

When Should Use: it is mainly a summer or more likely a springtime perfume. It gives you the refreshing feeling of that kind of weather. You can wear it when it does not feel like wearing a heavy fragrance. This light and soft perfume are perfect for work or classes.

Pros Cons
  • It contains a soft classic fragrance.
  • Makes you feel clean.
  • It has a beautifully feminine scent.
  • This perfume is not offensive to anyone.
  • It is not very long lasting.
  • It is soft but on some peoples skin, it smells a little smellier.



Can’t Decide on a Fragrance for Your Wedding? Here’s our top pick: Best Long Lasting Perfume for Wedding Day

Not everybody’s choices and preferences are the same. There are several types of fragrances of perfumes you will find. We have sorted that for you and have made the list below. Choose as your preference.


Those who like floral fragrances. These perfumes will be the best choice for them.

  • Frederic Malle Carnal Flower; barneys.com
  • Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge; sephora.com
  • Balenciaga Florabotanica; sephora.com


  • Byredo Bal d’Afrique; barneys.com
  • Tom Ford Mandarino di Amalfi; sephora.com
  • Le Labo Bergamote 22; barneys.com


  • Tom Ford Tobacco Oud; sephora.com
  • Comme des Garçons Amazingreen; sephora.com
  • Dolce & Gabbana Velvet Desert Oud; barneys.com


  • Armani Privé Ambre Eccentrico; giorgioarmanibeauty-usa.com
  • Montale Sweet Orient Dream; amazon.com
  • Diptique Eau Duelle; diptyqueparis.com

How to wear long lasting perfume for wedding day properly?

  • To make your perfume stay long and powerful, use in different layers (different parts of your body, different ornaments, and clothes on your body.)
  • Use perfumes on your wrists, ears, elbow, and
  • It is recommended to wear lighter or softer smells on warm weather. Heat intensifies fragrances. So, be aware of the weather as well.
  • Do not overdo your perfume.

By maintaining these your long lasting perfume for wedding day will really last long and give everybody a positive feeling towards you.

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Who does not want herself smelling good? We think no one. Making ourselves smelling good is an old practice in humankind. Good smells can easily change our mood and can really give joy. And nowadays, using good smelling and long lasting perfume are a trend.

Perfume brands are really doing hard to provide different types of scents in their perfume to reach and attract people from every choice. So, it was hard for us to find out the best one as most of the perfumes really do well in our real-life observation.

However, the top 10 list of the best long lasting perfume for women in this article are really worth to buy. We guarantee every of your penny will be worth if you buy any of the perfume from the above list.

This is all about today. Do not forget to know us, your experience with these perfumes. You can comment below or comment on our social pages. Will be waiting to hear from you.


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