7 Best Long Lasting Perfumes For Him – Top Brands and Quality

long lasting perfumes for him
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So you are searching for some best long lasting perfumes for him that he may love to get as a gift? Today your search is over for sure as in below you will find some top long lasting perfumes for him which are popular in fragrance and really last long.

From most people, we get one of the major complaints that their perfumes do not last long even if they are best in fragrances. But what you will do with such beautiful fragrances which will not reach to other’s nose or fade away very soon? This types of scents will not come to any use actually and your gift will not be remembered for so long. So, today we are presenting some world’s top long lasting perfumes for men. If you want to make him happy with some best fragrances of this world, the list below will be the great help for you.

Before going directly to the review, let’s know what types of perfumes are available in the market currently.

Types of Perfumes

Eau Fraiche: This types of perfumes are the weakest perfumes and most watery type. In this type of perfumes, the perfume oil is about 1-3% which is very low and last only 1-2 hours.

Eau de Cologne: It is known as cologne perfume. This types of perfumes are available everywhere and it contains 2-3% perfume oil which is mixed with water and alcohol. It lasts for 3-5 hours.

Eau de Toilette: It is the most common type of perfume available everywhere in the world. This perfume contains 5-15% of perfume oil and last 5-6 hours.

Eau de Parfum: Now, it is the high-end and most common perfume. In these perfumes, there is 15-20% of perfume oil in it with water and alcohol. It lasts about 9 hours.

Parfum: This types of perfume is the most expensive and not available everywhere. These are expensive too. In these perfumes, there usually concentrated of 20-30% of perfume oil. It lasts about 24 hours!

Things to Consider While Buying New Long Lasting Perfumes For Him?

So, you have learned about the different types of perfumes and also know about the longevity each of them. After all of that, there are still certain factors to consider. Moreover, not everybody’s preferences are the same. So before you buy any perfume from the list below, you need to ask yourself some questions, which will help you to buy the best suitable one for you. So, ask yourself:

  1. Which types of perfume are you looking for him to use?
  2. What kind of perfume notes does he want to be in his perfume?
  3. Does the price of the perfume match your budget?
Note: Do not know about perfume notes? Just go here to know in details.

Hope, now you know what you are exactly looking for, let’s proceed below.


Some Best Long Lasting Perfumes for Him


Dreamer By Versace


Review: This perfume is one of the best long lasting perfumes for him and best for work. Dreamer by Versace contains some top notes like lavender and lily. It also contains tarragon, amber, and tobacco which are base notes.

This perfume is aggressive but gives him warm feelings of lavender and tobacco. This is the best perfume for the men of 30s and above. It is a manly fragrance perfume which can make you elegant and smart at his workplace or in the meeting.

This Dreamer perfume from Versace has the aroma of lower, amber and tobacco with the wild & aggressive smell. But it gives him refreshing feelings and makes a man stand apart from the crowd.

Main Features:

  • Great smell with a long lasting guarantee
  • Designed by the famous brand Gianni Versace
  • Contains wildflowers, Linen, Amber and Tobacco
  • Weight: 3.36 ounces
  • Can be used for casual and work purpose


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Bvlgari Extreme Eau de Toilette


Review: Bvlgari Extreme Eau de Toilette is a mixture of natural fragrance of lemon and grapefruit. First of all, it is elegant. This perfume is branded as attraction, sensuality, and prominence. At first use, it may appear aggressive in smell but gradually the woody smell becomes more noticeable in just a few minutes.

The extreme version has some more notes than the base version of Bvlgari, which makes it stronger and more prominent. This perfume is the symbol of classic and sensuality. This long lasting perfume for him is the best to wear for a romantic date or an elegant night party.

Main Features:

  • Elegant and long lasting
  • Attractive and sensual
  • Best for a romantic date or party
  • Strong but refreshing smell

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You May Like:

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male


Review: Jean Paul Gaultier has its own uniqueness regarding sharp, oriental and woody scents. The notes contained in it are mixed of fruits, flower, and woods. This is one of the best appealing perfume which attracts ladies beside you.

This perfume from Jean Paul Gaultier is a perfect combination of floral, spicy and mint which can give him irresistible feelings. This is recommended for casual and everyday wear.

Main Features:

  • The perfect combination of aromatic and spicy combination
  • The smell lasts so long
  • This perfume is sexy and appealing to ladies
  • Gives you clean and fresh feelings

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Paco Rabanne Invictus Eau de Toilette Spray for Men


Review: This time we are presenting a new type of fragrance for him. You can choose this among the long lasting perfumes for him. This Paco Rabanne Invictus perfume is a mixture of grapefruit fragrance and sea flavors which gives your man very cool and sweet feelings. The thing we like most after using this perfume is it gives the feeling of after shower and cool sensation.

The smell of this perfume perfectly matched with its name “Invictus”. It is strong in smell but attractive to everyone besides a man. Paco Rabanne Invictus is a perfume of modern concept of masculinity. If you are searching for some long lasting perfumes for him, which can cool down the sun heat, and gives the refreshing joy at summer day, this one will be a perfect choice to give him as a gift.

Main Features:

  • Masculine and energetic smell
  • Gives after shower feelings
  • Best for a summer perfume
  • Active and playful

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Christian Dior Homme Intense Eau de Parfum


Review: Christian Dior is one of the famous brands you might hear of often. Actually every of their perfume is popular after release. And this one is listed on our top list of best long lasting perfumes for him as it really lasts long. The ingredients in it are highly concentrated which makes this perfume last throughout the day. Moreover, it is masculine and very seductive perfume for men.

The high-class notes of ambrette seeds, vetiver, iris, cedar make the perfume memorable and make it stand out from its other competitors.

Main Features:

  • Very popular brands
  • Great notes of ingredients which makes it memorable
  • Masculine and seductive
  • Another one of the best long lasting perfumes for him
  • Combination of balancing the strong and sweet notes

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MONTBLANC Legend Cologne


Review: MONTBLANC Legend Cologne is specially made for modern and charming man. This perfume is the perfect combination of some different notes like rose, apple, coumarone, and geranium. The design of this perfume bottle is minimalistic and you can get some different volume with 30, 50 and 100 ml. And this is the original product from France.

MONTBLANC Legend Cologne is a signature brand which really lasts long and gives him elegant and smart scent.

Main Features:

  • Signature brand
  • Last very long
  • Can get with different sizes
  • A modern and charming fragrance

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Fahrenheit 32 By Christian Dior For Men


Review: After Jean Paul Gaultier, Christian Dior launched their new fragrance called Fahrenheit 32 which is completely a floral fragrance.

Nowadays, men are beginning to love wearing floral perfumes. The perfume is a combination of mainly three flavors – soft orange blossom, non-wild woody, and vanilla sweet notes. This combination of notes makes this perfume a perfect balance of fresh and gentle scent which men love most.

The Fahrenheit 32 is the perfume for gentlemen and elegant in its own fashion. This long lasting perfume for him definitely grabs the attention of peoples (especially ladies) beside him and makes your man more appealing than others. It is best for office days and going out with you.

Main Features:

  • Pure floral scent
  • Spice and effective
  • Appealing to ladies
  • Long lasting and good for all season

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Tips to Make Your Perfume Last Longer

Finally, let us tell you a few tips regarding how to make your perfume last much longer. Do not forget to tell or share this with him. :

  1. Perfumes should be placed in a cool and dry place.
  2. Always apply perfume on a fresh body. After shower will be perfect. It helps the scent last longer.
  3. Tell him to try to keep his skin moisturized. Moisture skin helps the fragrance absorbed fast and make it stay on the skin surface for a long period of time.

A good fragrance always boosts and refresh your mind. It also makes you appealing to the people beside a person. Good and long lasting perfume can hold a man’s gratitude and personality. So, a proper selection of perfume is very important. We have helped you to choose the right one which can be gifted to him with no doubts. The perfumes in the above list are fully tested and reviewed by our expert review team. By choosing anyone from the above will make your money worth we guarantee that. After all, the choice is yours.

Do not forget to share these long lasting perfumes for him to let your friends know about these amazing perfumes.


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