Why to Choose a Magician for Wedding

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There are several things for you to do when it comes to planning a wedding. It does not have to be that difficult and a time-consuming task while choosing an entertainer for your special day.

The following are the tips that you can use to choose your wedding entertainer and especially when it comes to wedding magician Sydney.


  1. Who is your audience?

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One of the main criteria for choosing an entertainer is the audience. Who do you want the performer to entertain? For most forms of entertainment, it can be grouped into three categories:

    • Kids

Most activities at a wedding are tailored for adults. However, if a lot of your guests have kids, it can be a nice touch to book an entertainer for them. In addition to the fun, you’re also guaranteed some very cute pictures.

    • Adults

An entertainer, hired specifically to entertain adults, is extremely memorable for guests. For example, you can book a comedian to perform after dinner for all of your guests.

    • Families (both)

Certain forms of entertainment appeal to children and adults alike. For example, singers or Sydney magicians will perform for everyone, regardless of their age. This is ideal if you’ve invited a lot of families.

  1. What is the entertainment format?

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Ask yourself what type of entertainment you want for your wedding? Is it something that guests can choose to take part in, like a photo booth? Or is it entertainment that will involve everyone?

For weddings, there are three main types of shows. Each will create a different atmosphere:

    • Stage shows

This is a formal show done, on stage, for all your guests to see (for example, a wedding band). These can last anywhere from 30 min to several hours. It all depends on what you want. This is an ideal form of after-dinner entertainment.

    • Walk Around

The entertainer will walk among your guests, entertaining small groups at a time. For example, close-up magicians.

    • An Entertainer Booth or Stand

For this format of entertainment, the entertainer holds a booth or a stand that people come up to. For example, caricaturists often hold a static stand. Your guests can choose to take part in it or not.

  1. When do you need the entertainer to perform?

During the wedding, when do you want the entertainer to perform? The three most common times are:

    • Reception

The entertainer can perform for your guests during the reception and as they arrive to the venue.

    • Dinner

You can also hire an entertainer to perform during dinner. For example, you can have a band play in the background, or you can have a magician perform at the tables between dishes with their special magic show Sydney.

    • After Dinner

The third option is to have the entertainer perform after dinner. Of course, musicians and DJs are often booked to animate the dance floor. But this format doesn’t apply just to music. You can also book a comedian or magician hire to do a show.

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  1. Select your tone of entertainment?

A jazz band and a rock band will completely change the atmosphere on the dance floor. Each entertainer will provide a unique atmosphere for the party. Keep in mind the party atmosphere you want and choose an entertainer accordingly.

  1. Does the venue fit the entertainer?

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Your wedding venue will impact a lot of your choices. While most forms of entertainment are flexible, it’s important to consider the space you have.

    • Performance Space

Depending on the entertainer and the format of the show, they will need different amounts of space. Some performers might require a stage while others just need a table. Get in contact with the performer or the booking platform as this is specific to each entertainer.

    • Set-Up Time

Before booking an entertainer, consider how their set-up time will fit in with the flow of the evening. Does the entertainer need set-up time? If they arrive during the evening, will they be able to set up their act without getting in the way of your guests? If the entertainer arrives earlier, can the venue give them the required set up time? Every venue is different. Don’t be afraid to ask how early the entertainer can arrive.


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