Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas Wedding Costumes

Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas

The celebrities always love to wear special dresses on particular occasions and ceremonies. The Celebrity couple mostly chooses extraordinary costumes on their wedding to make the ceremony memorable. In this article, Recently Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas had their wedding. This article is all about their dress and jewelry they wore in the ceremony.


Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas Wedding Costume


Recently Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas had their wedding ceremonies. The one at America the couple wore western culture dress, and the second one at India they wore the dress of traditional Hindu culture.


The American Bridal dresses for the celebrity couple


Ralph Lauren designed the Christian wedding ceremony dresses for Chopra and Jonas. She wore the sheer, long sleeve gown with lace-effect tulle appliqués, scalloped sleeves, and a high-neck collar. The gown was a hand-beaded and hand-embroidered dress. Embroidered outer layers of the gown consisted of 2,380,000 mothers of pearl sequins.

Priyanka Chopra’s gown just was not about the peal of flourish. It also contained the number of sentimental compliments. The gown was hand-stitched with different eight words and phrases with importance to the bride. The gown included her husband’s full name, Nicholas Jerry Jonas; her parent’s names, Madhu and Ashok; and the wedding date. The wedding dress of Priyanka’s mother-in-law Denise Jonas was also sewn onto the gown.

Wedding Costume of Jonas & Priyanka

The bride enhanced with white shoes customized by Jimmy Choo. The veil she wore was really eye-catchy and stretching 75 feet long and had to hold by a few attendees.

Nick wore a double-breasted black tuxedo with Purple Label and traditional black patent shoes. A tiny piece of Priyanka’s dress was sewn into his tuxedo label with the words “My Jaan,” in Urdu, the meaning is “My life”.


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The Indian wedding costumes for the celebrity couple


Sabyasachi the top designer of India, designed the Hindu wedding ceremony dresses for Chopra and Jonas. Sabyasachi is well known for dressing some of the popular Indian celebrities.

Chopra wore a gleaming, cherry red lehenga made of hand-cut organza flowers, French knots in silk floss, and Siam-red crystals. Priyanka always wanted a red traditional silhouette for her wedding. Her lehenga had incredible French embroidery to the mix and with implausible jewelry and also had a western-inspired veil.

Jonas & Priyanka Wedding Costume

Chopra wore traditional Mughal jewelry at her wedding. Her jewelry was the combination of uncut diamonds, bright green, and Japanese cultured pearls set in 22-karat gold by Chopard. Her necklace contained 84.50 carats of pear-shaped diamonds in 18k white gold, and her earrings contained 6.07-carat pear-shaped diamonds.


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Nick wore a collective dress, which included a hand-quilted silk sherwani, a hand-embroidered chikan dupatta, and chanderi tissue safa. He was also decorated out in jewels, including a rose cut kalgi and Collective diamond necklace.

Chopra and Nick both were very delighted to have two gorgeous wedding ceremonies. On an interview with “People”, Priyanka Said, “It melted my heart.”

The celebrity couple wedding now becomes a part of history. The valuable and magnificent costumes they wore are now the inspiration and the choice for those who like to have a memorable gorgeous wedding ceremony


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